The new Affinity…and beyond

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We’ve had to sharpen a few pencils and clean up some dust, but we are very proud to re-introduce ourselves to the creative community, shiny and new!  The team here at Affinity has been busy for years at our home in Scottsdale, creating brilliant designs, direct mail, logos, and all things creative for our many wonderful clients.  But like many great marriages, we suddenly realized we were putting so much of our time and effort into someone else, that we’d kind of let ourselves go…So, being the over-achievers that we are, we got back to the gym. Call it, a revitalization.

Many companies and brands will eventually find themselves in a similar spot. Time passes and it’s difficult to critically self-exam ones’ image.  But identifying your weakness is critical for improvement. Taking that time to evaluate your brand and your business will not only reveal some flaws, but could potentially highlight some new assets.  Here at Affinity, we carefully examined our team and identified the new skills we had acquired. And now, we’re confident in moving forward, to affinity, and beyond.

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